UV LED Sterilization

Use UVC LED with a single wavelength to sterilize 99.9% including super bacteria.

  • 99.9% sterilization of a wide range of bacteria including super bacteria by using UVC LED with single wavelength.
  • Intensive sterilization is possible for a specific purpose by the close use of sterilization area.

Intensive sterilization by application

  • By close use of sterilization site, it can be sterilized to suit the application.
  • Contains 4 UV LEDs, boasts powerful sterilizing power. (30-second sterilization certification within 30 seconds of close 3cm)

UV Safety Sensor

  • UVPOT has a UV blocking sensor for human protection
  • UV LED Auto-Off when Products Direct to Human

Convenient Portability

UVPOT at the top of of STAND can be movable,
making it convenient to carry.

  • UVPOT at the top of the STAND can be removed, making it convenient to carry.
  • Battery rechargeable, recharge anytime, anywhere.

One-touch Operation

Easy one-touch operation

  • Pressing the power button for 3 seconds starts 1 minute mode.
  • Press once more to change to 3 minute mode.

Reliable Product UVPOT

UVPOT is patented, CE certified and passed various sterilization tests.


You can check the video of user guide.